our work

Chimbo runs its own programme of community based conservation and acts as a catalyst for policies and actions of others that help to achieve the goal of sustainable, thriving chimpanzee populations in West Africa.

The Boé in south-east Guinea Bissau is the geographical heart of our activities. We cooperate closely with our local partner Daridibó, which has the same goals as Chimbo.

The Boé is a remote area of about 3,000 km2 with few means of existence for the local Fula communities but with a rich natural environment supporting a population of 1,000 – 1,500 chimpanzees. 160 community rangers from 32 village vigilance committees patrol their surroundings twice a month and report to us about the presence of chimpanzees and other wildlife. If they notice poaching activities we report those to the authorities.

Our vision

The chimpanzee population of West Africa has the right to live and thrive in its original habitat. The present threats to its sustainable survival need to be warded off. To achieve this is of global interest and a joint responsibility shared between the world community and the local population.

Our mission

Our mission is to guarantee the long-term survival of the western chimpanzee population through community-based conservation in the Boé, Guinea Bissau.

We link committed communities to international support by scientists and conservationists, and to eco-tourists. This enhances successful conservation both inside the National Parks and Ecological Corridors of the Boé and in the remaining part of the Boé.

We strive for a balance between the needs of people, planet and profit in order to make nature conservation sustainable.


The statutory objectives of Chimbo are:

– the conservation and where necessary restoration of the chimpanzee population in West Africa and the natural environment in which they live;

– to undertake all sorts of actions that are supportive of the above goal. 


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