In 2020 the IUCN published the Western Chimpanzee Action Plan (WCAP) covering the period 2020-2030 . The plan is the result of a collaborative effort by experts on conservation of the western chimpanzee united in the Primate Specialist Group of IUCN’s Species Survival Commission. Annemarie Goedmakers is an active member of this group. The secretariat of the WCAP is currently asking members to share their contributions to the achievement of the plan’s goals. For Chimbo we emphasized the importance of our community-based approach with activities like patrolling and fire management by village committees and fire brigades, supported by raising awareness among local stakeholders about conservation values. In particular we drew the attention of the international conservation community to the importance of citizen science executed by our community rangers. Their work combines conservation and intensive monitoring of the chimpanzee population of Boé.

The February newsletter of Chimbo highlights different people associated with Chimbo and their connection to chimpanzees. Read the full newsletter of February 2024 here.