Andere natuurgebieden

Andere natuurgebieden                          SONY DSC

For such a small and poor country, Guinea-Bissau has a reasonable number of protected nature areas and national parks. Even though the organisation of these areas is still in its infancy, they are currently working on four larger, named areas.

a. Parc National de Tarrafes.

This park is 540 km² in size, of which 30% will be intended for use as a key area for nature protection. The region is home to approximately 1500 inhabitants.

b. Parc National des Iles d’Orango.

The size of this park is approximately 680 km² of which 30% is intended for use as a key area for nature protection. Elephants (sporadically) have been observed in the Parc National des Forets and there are also chimpanzees here.

c. Parc National de Forets de Cantanhez.

This protected region is 650 km² in size of which 40% is intended for use as a key area for nature protection.

d. Parc National de Cufada, with the western most chimpanzee population of Africa.  …. Unfortunately, the Bauxite Angola company has illegally chopped down large forest areas in order to build a new port.

e. Bijagos Islands

The Bissagos Islands, also spelled Bijagós Islands as in its Portuguese name (Arquipélago dos Bijagós) are a group of about 88 islands and islets located in the Atlantic Ocean and are part of the African nation of Guinea-Bissau. The archipelago was formed from the ancient delta of the Rio Geba and the Rio Grande and spans an area of 2,624 km2 (1,184 sq. miles).

These four regions are located in the dense forest areas and relatively highly populated western region of Guinea-Bissau. These areas boast a wide variety of flora and fauna.